We offer technology-focused but product-agnostic Consulting services for Small and Medium businesses in the domain of E-commerce and In-Store Retail. We specialize in consulting services in three focus areas, that can make a major difference to SMBs, enable them to scale up and grow, and help them compete smartly against larger players.

Business Process Management


You might not be operating at the scale of Amazon or Walmart, but you obviously aspire to grow your business - fast. Your key to success lies in designing smoothly running business processes that seamlessly integrate multiple functions in your business, and even functions across organizational boundaries, involving your suppliers, partners and customers. We will guide you in adopting technologies that redefine your business processes and turbo-boost your operational efficiencies, without burning your pocket.

Retail Analytics


You have come across terabytes of sermons on the value of analytics and all the different ways to slice and dice your data and run it through a microscope. But where is the bang for the buck for all your number-crunching efforts ? We will help you come up with a strategy - what to analyze, how often to analyze, and how to gain insights and monitor your business by the minute - with advanced and yet affordable technologies.

Internet Marketing


For SMBs, the Internet, including the more recent phenomenon of Social Media, creates a level playing field that MUST be smartly exploited for marketing your business. Boost your branding online. Engage intimately with your target audience through Social Media. Create a winning strategy for Internet Marketing and guage the response to your online marketing programs - Partner with Us.