We offer a Jumpstart service for set up and configuration of a Spark cluster for Big Data Analytics, on-premise or on the cloud.

Spark Spark
  • We can set up your cluster on Apache Mesos or Hadoop Yarn
  • We take charge of your set-up and configuration tasks, ground-up
  • We work out the capacity planning and cluster sizing for your requirements
  • We configure the operating system, storage and network for cluster set-up
  • We install Spark and the data connectors to HDFS, HBase, MongoDB, etc.
  • We run sample use cases to test and validate the installation
  • We set up monitoring using Ganglia and other tools
  • We implement automated scale-out based on suitable metrics
  • We hand-off a detailed documentation, scripts and capacity planning templates for you to replicate the set-up as and when needed

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