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For all assertions below, the following definitions of 'licensor' and 'licensee' shall hold good:


Licensor: TechYugadi IT Solutions & Consulting, Bangalore, India ( www.techyugadi.com ), 'TechYugadi' in short.

Licensee: A single individual user registered with TechYugadi, through TechYugadi website, who after duly completing the registration, has acquired access to this virtual machine by supplying his / her credentials as a registered user, and fulfilling payment obligations towards TechYugadi, if any, for the same.

Terms and Conditions:

The licensor grants the licensee non-exclusive non-transferable license to use this Virtual Lab under the terms and conditions articulated hereinafter.

The Licensee may use this Virtual Lab for lawful purposes only.

The Licensee may use this Virtual Lab to try and test the software(s) pre-installed and pre-deployed, for learning, technology evaluation, prototype development, developing proof of concepts, and the like.

The Licensee understands that this Virtual Lab is not meant to be directly used in production. TechYugadi does not claim appropriateness or fitness of the software installed and source code bundled with this Virtual Lab for any production environment whatsoever. TechYugadi does not accept liability for the outcome of using the Virtual Lab for purposes it is not intended for.

The Licensee may use this Virtual Lab only on an individual basis. The Virtual Lab may not be used by the licensee's colleague or co-worker or any other person whosoever. To share the Virtual Lab with multiple persons, the Licensee will have to seek express written permission from the Licensor and meet additional terms and conditions and / or supplementary license clauses that the Licensor may deem fit.

The Licensee may not create copies of this Virtual Lab for re-distribution, with or without a payment. This Virtual Lab is not re-distributable in any form.

The Licensee will use any source code and documentation authored by TechYugadi and bundled within this Virtual Lab with due compliance to the relevant Copyrights. The source code and docuementation cannot be re-distributed to third parties without express written permission from TechYugadi.

The Licensee will use any software developed by Third Parties and bundled within this Virtual Lab, in strict compliance with the Licenses and Copyrights governing such software, a copy of which is included in this Virtual Lab.

The Licensee may install other necessary software for his or her convenience on this Virtual Lab, at his or her own responsibility of compliance with necessary license conditions.

The Licensor will not use or re-distribute a Virtual Lab allocated to a Licensee after the Licensee stops using it. The Licensor will destroy the Virtual Lab after Licensee stops using it or fails to comply with relevant subscription / payment terms, after notifying the Licensee of the date by which the Virtual Lab will be destroyed.

The Licensee may request the Licensor to provide a backup or snapshot of the Virtual Lab before it isdestroyed. The Licensee will duly consider the request, but will generally ask the Licensee to comply with additional conditions and make reasonable additional payments for taking the backup or snapshot.

The Licensor will not use the Virtual Lab while the Licensee is allocated to it except for routine maintenance, help and trouble-shooting for the benefit of the Licensee, and reasonable monitoring purposes ( including but not limited to monitoring that this Virtual Lab is being used in compliance with relevant Licenses and monitoring against security breaches ).

The Licensor reserves the right to destroy a Virtual Machine if it is used in violation of License terms or in any other improper manner, with or without notice to the Licensee.

The Licensor will not accept liability for any non-compliance to relevant licenses and laws pertaining to usage of this Virtual Lab, perpetrated by the Licensee. The liability of such non-compliance will rest upon the Licensee.

Help and Assistance: The Licensor will provide best effort help and assistance to the Licensee in using the Virtual Lab. The Licensor will consider resolving issues and problems reported by the Licensee only if they fall within the following two criteria:

  1. The issue or problem pertains to any the software listed in a “Software Directory” in the Virtual Lab desktop. The Licensor will ensure that the software listed in the “Software Directory” above is usable for the purposes of this Virtual Lab.
  2. The issue or problem pertains to one of the sample applications bundled within this Virtual Lab. The Licensor will also ensure that the sample applications work as per the documentation provided.
The Licensor will not be obligated to provide help and assistance for any issue or problem not falling within the above two criteria. The Licensor does not guarantee resolution on problems in third party software including software installed in this Virtual Lab by the Licensee after it was allocated to him / her. The Licensor will not be obligated to trouble-shoot code written by the Licensee in this Virtual Lab.

No warranty: A Virtual Lab does not come with any warranties, expressed or implied. The Licensor will make a best effort to ensure that the software pre-installed and sample applications provided (if any) in this Virtual lab, in unmodified form, work as per the documentation. The Licensor does not offer any assurance to resolve issues caused by modifying the pre-installed software ( by upgrading, re- installing or patching ) or the sample application source code.

Refunds / Replacement: If the pre-installed unmodified software or sample application(s) do not work as per the documentation, the Licensor may on a case to case basis re-allocate another Virtual Lab to the Licensee without asking for further payment, and / or refund any amount paid by the Licensee towards acquiring this Virtual Lab. However, any claim for re- allocating a Virtual Lab or for refund must be made by the Licensee within 3 (three) calendar days of acquiring the Virtual Lab.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of India. Appropriate court(s) in Bangalore, India, will have the exclusive jurisdiction to resolve all disputes arising under the above Terms and Conditions.

For inquiries, please send an email to contact@techyugadi.com .

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