We offer Jumpstart service for CouchBase NoSQL database. Overcome the inertia and quickly set up an infrastructure for storing and accessing large volumes of unstructured data.


CouchBase NoSQL Database Jumpstart Service

You may be convinced that NoSQL is the right fit for your data. But you need a bit of hand-holding to unlearn some SQL, and get you started on the right track.
You don't want to end up with a poor storage config or ill-performing database Views.
You want to set up something tangible and usable for your business application - fast.
Our Jumpstart service will set you up for success !

We plan and set up your CouchBase cluster ground up, with all the OS, storage and networking config nitty-gritties.
We populate your own sample data and offer migration support from SQL.
We create data views and sample programs for secure data access with CouchBase APIs.
And, we hand-off the learnings in a detailed debrief document for your reference.

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