TechYugadi has built up competency centers on a few of the most exciting NextGen technologies, that have graduated from the hype to the happening.



Node.js is not just a new language, it is a new approach to server-side programming. Based on Javascript syntax, it is designed ground up for asynchronous invocation of back-end services. This makes it ideal for scalabale server programs that concurrently access multiple back-end APIs.

Business Intelligence


Today Business Intelligence is as ubiquitous as a database. You can't leave your data assets idle - you want to gain insights. New developments in hardware and software are leading to significant advances in BI platforms and architecture.



Force-fitting all your data in relational tables ? No way ! Today, data takes the shape best suited for your application - non-uniform columns, graphs, hierarchies, or simply unstructured form. NoSQL defines not only new shapes of data, but different underlying architectures for data storage and retrieval.