A Virtual Lab is a unique offering from TechYugadi to LEARN, EXPERIMENT and APPLY a new technology. You can create a Virtual Lab on the Cloud, in self-service mode, in just 10 minutes. It contains a complete dev set-up, tools, sample apps, a detailed E-book and mini-projects for you. Learn more.

NodeNook Virtual Lab


NodeNook: advanced Node.js Virtual Lab

  • Learn Node.js, Express and
  • Access RDBMS and NoSQL databases
  • Unit Test using NodeUnit and Mocha
  • Debug, Profile, and Automate dev tasks
  • Write advanced Asynchronous programs
  • Apply tips and tricks for production

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NodeStart Virtual Lab


NodeStart: starter Virtual Lab for Node.js

  • Learn Node.js, Express and
  • Access Relational Database
  • Unit Test using NodeUnit
  • Write simple Asynchronous programs

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