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You can buy a NodeNook for 15 days or 30 days at a time. You can also renew your NodeNook for 15 days or 30 days at a time, as many times as you want.

The prices make it extremely flexible and affordable for you to use NodeNook, as long as you want.

Price Break-up:

Duration Price
Digital Ocean Droplet TechYugadi Virtual Lab Total
15 days 10 15 25
30 days 20 30 50

Contact us:

Please send any queries on the pricing of TechYugadi NodeNook to contact@techyugadi.com .

Pricing FAQ:

Is there any evaluation or trial license ?

An Evaluation or Trial License does not suit a Virtual Lab format that we are offering. However, we are offering a very affordable entry point to this service compared to the cost one would incur in buying books or going through instructor-led trainings. The Virtual Labs can be retained for a very flexible interval of 15 days at a time. We are confident that you will find your investment in a Virtual Lab truly worthwhile.

Are the prices negotiable ?

Prices may be negotiated and discounts may be offered for bulk purchases. Please send an email to contact@techyugadi.com stating the number of licenses you need and your nature of usage of the service, so that we can duly evaluate your request.

How many times can I renew my Virtual Lab ?

You can renew your Virtual Lab as many time as you want. Please be aware though, that you need to renew your Virtual Lab while it is active. As soon as the duration for which you bought a Virtual Lab is completed, it will become inactive and you will be sent an email notifying the inactive status. Thereafter, at any time, the Virtual Lab will be destroyed.

What if the prices are changed in between my initial purchase and a renewal ?

You will get the best of both worlds.
The price of your renewal will be the one at which you bought your Virtual Lab initially, or the new price of the same Lab, whichever is lower.

What if I exceed data transfer limit for my Digital Ocean droplet ?

It is unlikely that you will exceed the 3TB per month data transfer limit. However, we do monitor the data transfer to and from your Virtual Lab, and will notify you once it is exceeded. We will ask you to make a pro-rata payment for data transfer for the remaining length of time for which it was purchased. The pro-rata calculation will be based on the data transfer made so far to and from your Virtual Lab.
Your Virtual Lab may be temporarily inactive until the pro-rata payment is made.

Can I claim a refund ?

You have an option to replace your Virtual Lab, and, in extenuating circumstances seek a refund. Please see our Refund / Replacement Policy.

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