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Virtual Lab FAQ

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What is a Virtual Lab ?

A Virtual Lab is a unique offering from TechYugadi IT Solutions & Consulting (www.techyugadi.com) to learn, experiment and apply a new technology.

A Virtual Lab is offered as a pre-configured machine on the cloud (Digital Ocean). It contains software and tools, full-fledged end-to-end sample applications, an E-book with detailed discussion of the concepts and foundations, and projects for hands-on learning.

It is designed for speedy and effective hands-on learning, with exposure to tools and best practices.

Under what license is a Virtual Lab purchased ?

A Virtual Lab can be purchased under the Terms and Conditions outlined in TechYugadi Commercial License .

What are the usage scenarios for a Virtual Lab ?

A Virtual Lab is meant for learning and experimenting with a new technology, and at the same time applying what you learn (emphasis intended).
It can be used for:

Who can use a Virtual Lab ?

Anyone who wants to ramp up on a new technology with a hands-on approach. We believe that new technology can be best appreciated only with a hands-on rather than a hand-waving approach. But you need not be a hard-core programmer to use a Virtual Lab. We provide self-contained background information, so that even if you are a bit rusty with programs, syntax, and commands, (probably involved in a non-technical role, but keen on gaining a bit of first-hand experience on a new technology) you can bring yourself up to speed sufficiently to follow along all through the Labs.

How do I access a Virtual Lab ?

You have to use a x2goclient software installed on a Windows or Linux machine to connect to your Virtual Lab. Installation of x2goclient is a simple, one-step process and hardly takes five minutes.

Once you buy a Virtual Lab, the set of instructions to connect to it is sent to you in a Welcome email.

Can I access a Virtual Lab at ordinary network speeds ?

Depend on how you define ordinary network speed, and probably what part of the world you are located in.

Let's be more specific. You should not have any trouble connecting to and using a Virtual Lab if you have a broadband connection with a minimum of 2.5 Mbps bandwidth. At this network speed, the perceptible difference between using your local machine and using your Virtual Lab will be very small. We also make sure that your Virtual Lab is set up at location nearest to you, from a set of alternatives. You are allowed to choose a data center location (from several alternatives) where your Virtual Lab will be set up.

Please make sure you can use a broadband connection with minimum of 2.5 Mbps bandwidth for connecting to your Virtual Lab, before you purchase one.

What if I get stuck while using a Virtual Lab ?

You can report an issue in our Issue Tracking System, or send an email to help@techyugadi.com .
You will receive the credentials to access our Issue Tracking System in a Welcome email once you buy a Virtual Lab.
For details on our Customer help and resolving issues, please see : Customer Help

What permissions are granted to me on a Virtual Lab that I have bought ?

The Virtual Lab is a machine assigned to you and dedicated for you. You can perform most functions that you would need to perform on your own machine set-up for the purposes of the specific Virtual Lab that you have bought. This includes starting / stopping services, running operating system commands and if absolutely necessary installing and updating / upgrading programs. Typically there is very little restriction on using the machine.
That said, we do retain root access to the machine for ourselves, and do monitor usage of the machine in order to ensure it is being used in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions.

Can I shutdown / restart the machine ?

Although you should not find it necessary to shutdown or restart your virtual lab, and it is recommended that you keep it always running, you are allowed to perform these operations without any restriction.
You must always prefer to restart your Virtual Lab, and not just shut it down. Wait for a few minutes (usually 3 minutes is sufficient), and reconnect to your Virtual Lab using your Remote Desktop client.
In case you have accidentally shut down your Virtual Lab, you have to restart it by using a link provided on our web-site. This link is email-ed to you when you buy a Virtual Lab. Starting your Virtual Lab is a self-service operation that you can perform by yourself, at any time, if you really need to.

Can I install / upgrade software on the Virtual Lab ?

It is highly recommended that you do not install new software or upgrade existing software on the Virtual Lab. The set-up on each Virtual Lab is usually up-to-date within one or two minor versions of the relevant software products, and is configured and tested to ensure smooth learning and experimentation within the objectives of the specific Vritual Lab. Therefore, installing / upgrading software may not only be unnecessary, but also be counter-productive.

Having said that, we are not restricting you from installing software that you crave for (for example, your favourite text editor). Please be aware, however, that it is not practicable for TechYugadi to help out in all the myriads of scenarios that you may encounter because of incompatibilties resulting from an install or upgrade you have performed. TechYugadi ensures that you have all the right set-up and tools for the purposes and objectives of each Virtual Lab, and offers help if you encounter problems within the bounds of the pre-configured set-up.

Furthermore, please take care that a software you install does not hog resources on your Virtual Lab to the extent that your set-up becomes slower or difficult to use.

Can a virtual lab be shared by several users ?

No. A Virtual Lab is licensed to a single user on an individual basis.

If you need a Virtual Lab for a team of users, each user must be assigned an individual machine on the cloud.

If you are interested to purchase bulk licenses for a team or a group of trainees, you may be eligible for discounts. Please send an email to contact@techyugadi.com stating the number of licenses you need and your nature of usage

Can I take a snapshot or backup copy of my Virtual Lab ?

Usually you wouldn't need a snapshot or back-up of your Virtual Lab until the completion of the duration for which you bought it. Thereafter, if all you need is a back-up of programs / scripts/ notes you have written, you can transfer those files only to your own machine.

If you want to preserve the entire contents of the Virtual Lab, including the software set-up, documentation, and sample apps, and hence want a snapshot, please send an email to help@techyugadi.com, stating the purpose for which you want a snapshot.

We will provide you a snapshot subject to your agreement that :

What additional amount will I have to pay for acquiring a snapshot of my Virtual Lab ?

If the snapshot is being acquired for individual usage, in agreement with the non-redistribution clause mentioned above, you may have to pay a price equivalent of 90 (ninety) days purchase of the Virtual Lab. This is the maximum price you may have to pay for individual usage of your snapshot. If you have already renewed and used the Virtual Lab for an extended period, we will typically provide you a snapshot at a price lower than the maximum.

This price is being asked for considering that you would be able to use the Virtual Lab on premise, perpetually.

If you need a snapshot for sharing and distributing, we will have to first evaluate the usage scenarios for the snapshot, and if acceptable to us, provide you a snapshot at a price commensurate with your usage plan (for example using it in a training class). Please write to us help@techyugadi.com with details, so that we can evaluate your request.

Will my Virtual Machine be shared by or allocated to another customer ?

No way! Your Virtual Machine is set up exclusively for you when you buy it, and destroyed once the duration for which it was bought expires.

I like this Virtual Lab, but really need an on-premise copy of the Lab rather than having to use it on the cloud. Can I buy an on-premise copy ?

We do not have a published on-premise Virtual Lab offering at the moment, but we are happy to engage with customers who might prefer an on-premise copy, on a case-to-case basis. The price and license terms will be decided one-to-one for each customer and will depend on the usage scenario for each customer.

Please send an email to contact@techyugadi.com, so that we can evaluate your request and get back to you at the earliest.

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